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To contact Kiké for speaking engagements at your church or event, orchestrating a personalized conference, church healing and reform short-term pastoral stays, or seasonal pastoral visitations, please fill in the contact information. I am willing to spend a season reorganizing your church and leadership to fulfill its biblical call and reform it from the degenerating church mentality of today that many are departing from and into the reality and humility of what we read in scripture. No: you don’t have to sell your building. It is not merely about converting to house church. Contact me, and we will establish your body as a pillar of truth and dwelling place of the living God as the word of God declares.

I do not have a speaking fee, but please allow an offering to be taken up, and I also ask that I be allowed to sell my books. I do request that you cover travel expenses and lodging in a safe place.

Service Times

saturday (sabbath)

10:30 am