Mission and Vision

Our Mission
The mission of Every Good Word is to awaken believers and nonbelievers to the simplicity of Christ by faithfully teaching the word of God as it is revealed in truth through scripture. This mission confronts the conventional church and the Christian faith in that we challenge the very idea of Christianity and call people out of it. Yes. Why many embrace Christianity as if Jesus at all came that we might be Christians or that we might be proud to call ourselves Christians can be found nowhere in scripture. The simplicity of Christ lies outside of Christianity and most of her churches and in a label-less, dedicated life in, of and after the scriptures, and EGW exists to lead others to the pastures of the kingdom of heaven now.
Our Simple Vision
Planting Standard Churches and ministries that return and restore the church's believers to the commandments and word of God and thus true fellowship with Christ is the broad vision. The practical vision of EGW is to use it as medium and platform for both connection and content. Prayerfully, we hope our content influences others toward the aforementioned mission. Connection can be made directly through the message feature in the app or by contacting EGW directly. From here, EGW hopes to connect others to The Standard which is the ecclesiastical i.e. church network connected to EGW. From here, both EGW and The Standard desire to establish communities of churches all over where intentional, sacrificial, methodical, and continual fellowship is established. EGW and The Standard seek to grow up and out, one community at a time.