Mission and Vision

Our Mission
The mission of Every Good Word is to awaken believers and nonbelievers to the simplicity of Christ by faithfully teaching the word of God as it is revealed in truth through scripture.
Our Simple Vision
Plant Standard Churches and ministries that return and restore the church's believers to the commandments and word of God.
Your Expectation
 A basic expectation of Neo Christian, Standard Churches: Twice a week corporate gatherings  (Saturday and a weekday, typically midweek) for traditional convocation and worship that includes: a true biblical teaching through the pastor/elder/teacher who exposits and exegetes regularly during holy convocation and assembly (what people erroneously label “service”), line upon line, precept upon precept, (Is. 28:10a), then, as needed and led through the Holy Spirit, “here a little there a little” (Is. 28:10b) through what we call sermons, which are spiritually led portions that the Lord draws out for a certain people and congregations at a specific time and place.; continuance in basic doctrines that are from the scriptures (communion that is not transubstantiational but reverential), prayer, songs and hymns and spiritual songs, baptisms (as needed and on demand, immediately and on the spot, not scheduled out to the church that they are "doing" baptisms on such and such a date, or mandating 6-week course, class or study before, etc.). Beyond this, leadership structures life together so that regular opportunity to eat together during other days is fostered, from the pastor and his family down through the congregation. This is strongly, strongly encouraged. From here, life in the Lord will flow. The Standard convocations meet in houses and temples (public campuses, places and properties and other venues), both being part of a biblical church while the people, being inspired and inspirited by the Word of God, will beget other disciples.